While shopping at Sephora, I realized that make-up could be considered to be a medium. As McLuhan defines a medium, make-up is an extension of the self, both physically and psychologically. It is also a medium in the sense of being an intermediary. As someone who doesn’t wear makeup, having a face painted in foundation felt like wearing a mask. It acts as an intermediary not just between your face and the environment, but between the self and the world.

After the reading this week which discussed a collective morality at train stations, I was wondering what the collective morality would be for shopping at Sephora. People try only the designated samples and don’t tamper with the products. I noticed they would always put the product back in its place after looking at it, which you don’t always see in clothing stores. Maybe this is because there’s no folding involved and because each product has its own little nook, and maybe because girls who wear high-end make-up are more attentive to aesthetic details like this. People waited in line at the cashier, but the etiquette for this seemed a little blurry, as there are mini sized products along the line that people sometimes cut in line or hold up the line to look at. There seems to be a collective morality specific to Sephora (and probably other make-up stores) that is an adaptation of larger collective moralities

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